Marketing Analytics

Understanding and interpreting data is essential for the success of any marketing plan. Our marketing analytics services deliver insights from data sources like CRM, Google Analytics, social media platforms, email campaigns, events, promotions, and much more.

Marketing Insights

Integrated insights let you see how effectively your marketing is performing and whether it’s helping you achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Content Analytics

Gain an understanding of which content types and which specific content assets are most effective at generating leads and revenue.

Web Analytics

Our analytics team interprets data to help you understand how well your website is performing and how to make it work even harder to drive sales.


We help you see how well your marketing campaigns are performing and how you can apply these insights to make them more effective.


Understand how effectively your social media presence is working to engage your audience, represent your brand, and drive sales.


The ultimate goal of marketing and sales analytics is understanding the return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI). Count on our analytics team for a realistic picture of ROMI.

The AVVA Approach

The AVVA Approach

AVVA Marketing focuses on small to medium size businesses looking to grow revenue. We provide a comprehensive outsourced marketing solution that efficiently delivers measurable results. Only AVVA combines marketing strategy and creative execution expertise with deep technology, data, and process expertise that can deliver measurable sales results.